Frostward Games
Gates of Devoroth

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Travel through the gates of Devoroth and explore a shattered world, on your own or with friends.

You must find the lost wards to unlock the secrets of the gate system and find out what caused Devoroths destruction.

1-3 Player CO-OP
Travel through the gates and face the challenges of Devoroth alone or with up to 2 friends.

Action Combat
Use melee weapons, bows and spells to fight through the challenges with the action combat system driven by RPG elements. Unlock new spells to fit your playstyle.

Character progression
You will find new weapons and equipment on your adventure to enhance your character and abilities. Use the experience you gain to unlock new spells.

Gate system
Find the lost travel wards and use the gate system to travel to different parts of the shattered world of Devoroth.