Devoroth is an Open World Single-Player Fantasy Role-playing game.

Set in the high fantasy world of Devoroth. The player sets out on a epic adventure to explore the world and fight of a yet unknown threat.

This is a world i have created by myself, inspired by the old RPG classics.


Epic story
Learn of an emerging enemy threatening Devoroth where story and lore is delivered through old-school text dialogue.

Discover the open world of Devoroth with all its secrets and lore.
Equipment, weapon, and experience can also be obtained by exploration.

Tab-targeting Combat
Fight your foes using a tab-targeting combat system inspired by the most popular old-school RPG’s.

Role-playing game
Customize your character through gear, spells, and classes.

Optimize your characters 14 stats such as critical-strike chance, magic resistance, and health regeneration
by modifying your 5 main attributes Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Constitution, and Willpower.

​Explore the world of Devoroth and find crafting material to craft new equipment ​to earn experience​ to be able to take on harder challenges.