Newsletter #1

Hello everyone! This is my first newsletter. I have been working hard the last few months to get to this point where i feel confident enough to make my game "public".

Previously i have shown a lot of content but keep it kind of sparse with information about the actual game. Today i feel i have progressed far enough to release the name of my upcoming game and some of my aspirations for it.

I present to you! 

The game will take place in the world of DevorothI intend for it to be an "Open world single player role-playing game". 

Devoroth is a high fantasy world with lots of magic and fantastic creatures. The final game will take place on a continent called Devoroth, the same as the world. This is a world I started building 10 years ago, first as a text based game. Only recently though I started to expand the lore more extensively.

When I first set out to create the game my though was to make World of Warcraft but singleplayer. As such, lots of my game systems will at first resemble those in that game. As I progress with development my plan is to branch out and expand some of these systems to better fit a more modern single player rpg. This game will be my first created in Unity.

So what is my plan right now?
As an open world game takes a lot of time to develop, I decided to first create a smaller demo where all completed systems can be tested. This demo will serve as a prequel, story wise, to the final game. Another positive thing about releasing a smaller demo first is that I will be able to receive feedback on what works and what doesn't before i have dug to deep into the final game. I am only one person working on this project so all feedback will be extremely valuable.

Finally i want to thank all of you for your time and support and hope to hear more from you on my social channels.

Niklas Fast - Frostward games 

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